Antique Dealer
Charles Street

Welcome to Antique Dealer Boston we were on Charles Street
in Boston. Now we moved to Davis Square. Instant cash for
your antiques. We pickup and get a free quote by text!

We are one of the Largest Antique Dealers in Boston
Massachusetts. We have been working with Antiques for more
than 25 years and all our staff are professionals. We buy, sell,
appraise and pawn all Antique items
just text us with what you
have and you tell us how much we pay 617-821-6229
Even if you don't want to sell your Antique item but you want to
know what it is, you can come to Antique Dealer Boston and
we will tell you everything you need to know about your antique
item and then you can make a Decision about what you want
to do with it.
All you have to do is bring your antique item and we will share
our 25 years of antique experience with you. We will give you a
free evaluation and you can take advantage of our knowledge.
We also have ''FREE APPRAISAL DAY'' every Wednesday
10:00pm to 6:00pm, so you can bring your Antique Item and
we will Appraise it for you for free.

When you go to other Antique shops, don't be surprised if they
offer you only 15% or 20% of the retail price because that's
what they do. But if you bring it to us, be Guaranteed that you
are working with the very best Antique Dealers in Boston
Massachusetts, and be sure that you are getting top Dollar for
your Antique item. We will pay you up to 60% of the Retail
price for your Antique Item, that's the highest you  can get in
the Whole State. And one of our pluses is that we pay cash
the same day no delays. You will walk with pocket full of cash
the same day.

Many  antique dealers try to hassle you for your items. They
try to offer you low prices knowing that your item is worth much
more. But here at Antique dealer Boston, we will show you our
research, tell you what your antique item is exactly worth and
then we will give you our price. We don't believe in hassling
people, we like being fair to people because we believe in

We also appraise, give prices and answer Questions through
So, take the opportunity and Advantage to ask us any question
you have by calling us or Text.

260 Elm St. Unit 109, Somerville MA 02144